Project Status    (March 22, 2017)

INTRODUCTION: The SPRING Project is designed to be an attractive, renewed seven acre gateway area of the Springbrook Nature Center. The project features a greatly improved and expanded INTERPRETIVE CENTER, many pleasing and useful OUTDOOR AMENITIES and an array of clever, educational NEW EXHIBITS.  FUNDING includes a $5 million grant from the State of Minnesota plus up to $2.6 million to be raised by the Foundation Board. The current status is described in this update. See the DESCRIPTION page for Project details.

INTERPRETIVE CENTER:   Complete and open daily.  Looks great.

OUTDOOR AMENITIES:  An architect has created a detailed site plan for the Outdoor Amenities.  The amenities include a new paved trail, an amphitheater, a nature based play area and a new picnic shelter. After the design process is complete and approved we can begin construction.  Most of the amenities will be completed by June 2017.  The 85th Avenue berm is complete.

NEW EXHIBITS:  Complete and installed.  Very educational and fun.

FUNDING: A funding task force has developed strategies to raise up to $2.6 million dollars from organizations and individuals.  The “quiet phase” of the fund raising campaign raised $1.3 million in gifts, pledges, and in-kind contributions.  The public Community Campaign phase is ongoing.  Many “naming and recognition opportunities” are available for potential donors.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  The project management team was composed of a construction manager, a design-build committee, the Executive Director and several City of Fridley government personnel. The Fridley City Council approved key steps in the design and construction processes. Many citizens attended a February 2, 2015 Public Open House.  Completed earlier are a feasibility study, a Master Plan, the case for support, concept drawings, cost projections, a business plan, an engineering land survey, and architectural plans.