Autumn Sampler Was A Big Success

About 100 people came for the Springbrook Autumn Sampler to taste excellent wines, beers, and food from local restaurants and vendors. The tasting event had about two dozen alcoholic beverage producers and distributors and food vendors offering samples of their products in a vibrant, managed environment.  All the net income benefits the Nature Center.

This party event was hosted by Springbrook Nature Center (a City of Fridley park), the Springbrook Nature Center Foundation, and Fridley Liquor (a City of Fridley business). Party goals were to build community, to have an enjoyable event, reach a diverse audience, to earn some money, and foster intra-city-department collaboration.

Springbrook Nature Center Foundation

WELCOME!  The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization, dedicated to enhancing the Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley, Minnesota.  The Nature Center serves the Twin City north metro area in these ways:

  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Environmental Educator
  • Host for Community and Private Events
  • Water Management
  • Birding Resource
  • Nurturing the Human Spirit

In a typical year, Springbrook hosts about 150,000 visitations and provides more than 700 program opportunities.

Footnotes:  This is the Foundation website. The Nature Center website covers Nature Center activities.  Example, the Interpretive Center is open 9-5 every day.


Board list updated 7/19/22