The Springbrook Nature Center (SNC), a City of Fridley, MN park, is a 127 acre urban jewel, providing a myriad of excellent Education programs, community Events and a place to simply enjoy nature. The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation (SNCF) is a non-profit 501C(3) tax exempt organization, dedicated to enhancing and serving the Springbrook Nature Center.   The SNCF works collaboratively with the City of Fridley and the Nature Center Staff to advise, fund raise and do projects.   The Friends of Springbrook is a membership group based on levels of gifting.

The Foundation Board of Directors (Board) is composed of adult members of the community who are passionate about preserving the natural environment and educating people, especially children, about the natural environment. The SNCF, governed by the Board, follows Bylaws and Policies it has established. The Board is a working Board who greatly enjoys the camaraderie of common passions. The Foundation has no employees. The following statements guide the Board’s work.

The mission of the Springbrook Nature Center Foundation (SNCF) is to:
Provide guidance and improvements that will help fulfill the Mission of the Springbrook Nature Center.

The Mission of Springbrook Nature Center (SNC) is to:
Cultivate connections between people and nature

The SNCF will strive for:

  1. Integrity, honesty, and excellence in all matters
  2. Inclusiveness of all people without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, social-economic status, age or disability
  3. Great hope in the future through expressed dreams and applied innovation
  4. Full partnership with the SNC personnel, Fridley Parks and Recreation Department, and Fridley City Leaders
  5. Commitment to the SNC Mission by all SNCF members


Springbrook Nature Center Foundation
100 85th Ave. NW
Fridley, MN  55432

Phone: 763-572-3588    (Nature Center Phone)

Email Address:


Federal Non-profit Identifying Number:    23-7401835

The Minnesota Secretary of State Identifying Number:   L-298