In-Kind Donations

Very often the Springbrook Nature Center (SNC) and the Foundation (SNCF) have unfunded needs that require special expertise. If you have a special expertise and are willing to donate your time and expertise, these In-Kind donations of expertise and time are very welcome

Examples are unscheduled maintenance, unique communication methods, electronics, website upgrades, and new exhibit design and construction. Here are some current special needs:

  • Desk Host – weekends
  • Marketing – ideas for additional free marketing, implementation
  • Exhibit Revitalization – painting, re-designing, more ideas, implementation

Alternatively, as a visitor you may recognize a need and then volunteer to fill the need. To offer your help or make suggestions, please call 763-572-3588 or write you suggestions to

The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation is thankful for all contributions you are able to make. They are critical to Springbrook’s success.