Stock Donations

The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation welcomes your donation of stock. By donating appreciated stock, you avoid paying capital gains taxes and effectively make a larger donation.

To donate stock, just email the Treasurer, Ed Meyer, at requesting SNCF’s brokerage firm, account number, and DTC number. Contact your broker and provide this information along with the stock name and number of shares you wish to donate. Alternatively, it is likely this information can be used to donate stock via your brokerage firm’s website.

The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation is a 501 C(3) non-profit tax exempt organization, dedicated to enhancing the Springbrook Nature Center. The Federal non-profit identifying number is 23-740185. All donations received are tax deductible. Because the SNCF is an entirely volunteer non-profit tax exempt organization, all funds received go directly to benefit Springbrook Nature Center. Please call 763-572-3588 if you need more information.

The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation is thankful for all contributions you are able to make. They are critical to Springbrook’s success.