Wish List Donations

Throughout the year, Springbrook incurs costs for animal care, trail improvements and environmental programming improvements that are not budgeted by the City of Fridley or the Springbrook Nature Center Foundation, and are unexpected. Many of these items end up on our Wish List. Please consider contributing by clicking on Wish List for items priced from $5 to about $100. In effect, you can donate important needed items from the comfort of your home.

In order to fulfill the mission of Springbrook Nature Center, we rely heavily on the generous donations and financial support of the community and local businesses. We thank you in advance for considering the purchase or donation of an item on our Wish List. Donations can be dropped off at Springbrook Nature Center. For more information, please call 763-572-3588.

The Springbrook Nature Center Foundation is a 501 C(3) non-profit tax exempt organization, dedicated to enhancing the Springbrook Nature Center. The Federal identifying number is 23-7401835. All donations received are tax deductible. Be sure to save evidence of your donation for tax purposes.


Flower gardens: $500
Our flower gardens welcome guests and are beneficial to insects and animals. Help us put our best face forward by supporting the costs associated with the plants and planting.

Prairie Maintenance: $1,500
Springbrook Nature Center’s gorgeous prairies are required to be professionally burned periodically to thrive and survive. Help us maintain these gorgeous landscapes by covering the cost of one burn.

Trail Maintenance: $1,000
To make your visit to Springbrook enjoyable and safe, we are continually removing overgrown plants and stumps that have fallen on the trail, fixing broken bridges, and renewing wood-chipped trails. Help us help you enjoy your Springbrook Nature Center nature walks by helping out with our annual trail maintenance costs.