Pumpkin Night

As part of a community wide celebration of fall, the Nature Center hosts and organizes a delightful Pumpkin Night in the Park event each year.  Typically, about 4,000 people attend this unique extravaganza, featuring about 1,000 carved, lit pumpkins on the park trails.  A small army of enthusiastic volunteers and imported entertainers provide wonderfully diverse, educational and entertaining activities.  Call 763-572-3588 to volunteer with Nature Center event activities.

Since the event starts in early evening, tasty light meals and snacks are served by the Foundation to hungry guests and volunteers.  In addition to Board members, volunteers are recruited to help serve the throngs of excited families.  Illustrated in the photo are volunteer characters enjoying a meal before a Pumpkin Night at the Park event.  If you are willing to help all or part of the evening in the concession stand, please call 800-675-4317.