You Can Help

There are numerous volunteering opportunities in support of both the Foundation and Nature Center organized activities. For Foundation activities, you can help on a committee and/or as a Board Member. The Board welcomes and cherishes new volunteers. The Springbrook Spree, Saturday in the Park and Pumpkin Night in the Park food concession stand are typical Foundation organized activities where volunteers have seamlessly fit in. Simply contact the Nature Center, any Board member or reach us via email to explore all genre of volunteering.

In addition, for many excellent Springbrook Nature Center Events and Education programs, you can help under the supervision of the Nature Center staff. You will feel good about your service and have fun. In a typical year, you will join 1,700 volunteers providing 16,000 volunteer hours.

In order to do its work, the Board has established Committees composed of both Board members and other volunteers from the community. Generally, Committees are led by Board members and meet on an as-needed-basis. The SNC Executive Director serves as liaison to the Board and on several Committees.

Various group and individual volunteers are shown in the photos.

To inquire about volunteering, call 800-675-4317 for the Springbrook Nature Center Foundation activities and 763-572-3588 for Nature Center activities. Thanks in advance.

Christmas Nature Santa often played by a Board Members